Alberta moves to license home builders

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The Alberta government wants to license home builders and publish information about their track records online in a move to protect consumers from shoddy work and untrustworthy companies.

The New Home Buyer Protection Amendment Act, Bill 12, was introduced into legislature Thursday. The bill proposes an end to a system where anyone can be a home builder, regardless of their related experience. There is currently no legislation in the province to stop bad builders from operating.

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The bill aims to provide information about a builder’s financial situation, work experience and any legal issues such as fraud convictions or lawsuits.

“It’s really making sure that the builders themselves are letting consumers decide who they want to build, so they can have the information available to look at their history to make sure there’s been no fraud in the background, for example – make sure they haven’t really gone against any big safety standards,” said Shaye Anderson, Alberta’s minister of municipal affairs.

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