As ad spending goes online, digital fraud requires an industry response

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Digital media is now the primary channel for advertising dollars in Canada. In 2013, digital ad spending surpassed that for television and for 2014 totalled $3.79-billion. Digital now represents 34 per cent of total ad spending in Canada, versus 30 per cent for TV.

Digital ad fraud

Since digital is now the largest part of the total ad pie, increased attention is being placed on its effectiveness and especially its trustworthiness. In particular, digital ad fraud has become a hot industry topic. However, the issue isn’t exactly new – the problem has plagued the industry for 20 years. Today’s ad fraud is caused by traffic from machines (so-called bots) posing as people, or from ads on stolen content, or from servers trying to install malware on computers and mobile devices.

As the industry gets aligned, there are four simple steps everyone in the advertising business can take to combat digital ad fraud:

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