66-year-old Kitchener woman loses $9,200 in phone scam

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We have been hearing about multiple cases of phone scams. The newest version of this scheme involves purchasing iTunes cards which are then sold for double the price to criminals in China, said Staff Sgt. Rob Cowan of Waterloo Regional Police’s fraud branch.

Wendy Holland is embarrassed to tell her story, but she says it’s necessary to make sure others don’t fall prey to scam artists the way she did. The 66-year-old Kitchener woman was the victim of an “urgency” scam in which people are duped into believing they have to send money to help a loved one get out of jail. She sent the scammers $9,200 — money she can’t get back. “You feel like such a fool. You feel so stupid,” she says.

By Liz Monteiro
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