$500Gs cargo redirection scheme, identity fraud leads to charges

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Nov. 1, 2018 (courtesy of Torontosun.com) –  Toronto Police are looking for a cache of stolen goods believed to be hidden in public storage lockers in the GTA.

In August, police started an investigation, dubbed Project Groundhog, into a cargo redirection scheme involving gold, jewelry and electronics.

Commercial shipping accounts were hacked and goods redirected from the intended location, Det.-Sgt. Ian Nichol, of the financial crimes unit, said Monday.

Cards obtained illegally and using innocent victims’ IDs, Toronto Police say.

Police allege a man also conducted an identity theft scheme by applying for and obtaining credit cards using identities of innocent victims. The cards were ordered to the victims’ addresses, then redirected to addresses controlled by him, police said.

“There were $500,000 in losses in a three-month period,” he said. “It’s quite usual to start an investigation and find you are dealing with much more.”

There are at least 38 victims, which Nichol said “may be the tip of the iceberg.”