Three victims call out heat pump fraudster in New Brunswick

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Alyre Doiron was looking for a heat pump last April and thought he hit the jackpot when he discovered the company, Thermopumpe Peninsule, to install one at half the going rate — $2,400 for an 1800 BTU unit. He paid a $1,200 deposit, in cash, to Paul St. Pierre, the president of the company. The heat pump was never installed.

No charge could be laid because of contract

Doiron is still owed $750 and went to the BNPP Regional Police, which serves Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher and Pointe-Verte. The officer told Doiron that because he signed a contract, and St. Pierre told police he would try to repay what he owed, no charge of fraud could be laid.

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