25 charges laid for using 4 fake IDs in financing fraud

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Toronto (January 24, 2020) – The Toronto police laid 25 charges against Shaun Sulaiman for allegedly using four fake IDs in several financing fraud incidents. Sulaiman is alleged of using false identification documents under four different names to finance vehicles and register businesses in the GTA. As a result of the fraud investigation, Toronto police arrested and charged Sulaiman on January 15. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 20.

The Corporate Crime Section of the Toronto Police Service Financial Crimes Unit made an arrest following a financing fraud investigation, according to a press release from January 22. Shaun Sulaiman from Oshawa is facing 25 charges and is accused of using multiple fake IDs to finance vehicles as well as register businesses in the GTA.

Financing fraud using multiple fake IDs

Toronto police allege that Sulaiman obtained Government of Canada photo identification under four different names: Rang Zaib, Kevin Seeralan, Divyan Sivarajah, and Syed Shafat. The 30-year-old is accused of using these fake IDs to finance the purchase of vehicles at multiple car dealerships in Toronto and the GTA.

Furthermore, Sulaiman allegedly registered businesses in his alias names. Supposedly, he used these businesses as part of the financing application to deceive the financing companies.

25 charges for financing fraud

On January 15, Toronto police arrested Sulaiman as a result of their fraud investigation. He has been charged with three counts of Fraud Over $5000, Attempt Fraud Over $5000, four counts of Utter Forged Document, four counts of Unauthorized Possession of Counterfeit Mark, four counts of Fraudulent Use of Certificate of Citizenship, two counts of Dispose of Property to Defraud Creditors, four counts of Make False Statement to Procure Loan, two counts of Possession of Proceeds Obtained by Crime Over $5000, and Launder Proceeds Obtained by Crime.

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He is scheduled to appear in court on February 20. Police believe there may be more companies that have been defrauded and encourages the victims to come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 416-808-7400 or Crime Stoppers anonymously at 416-222-TIPS (8477).