2 teens arrested after Durham police seize $2.4K in counterfeit cash

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Durham Regional Police arrested two 17-year-old males in Pickering Monday night after they tried to pay for a $4 salad with a $50 US bill at a restaurant in Pickering. Restaurant staff alerted police around 9 p.m. Police say they found over $2,400 worth of U.S. counterfeit cash on the teens when they arrested the pair after leaving the St. Louis Bar and Grill on Bayley Street.    

Be careful when accepting American currency, police say

Const. Amanda Hoover told CBC News a staff member noticed the bill the males were attempting to pay with had the “same serial number” as others in their wallet. Police are warning local businesses to be on the look out for counterfeit cash, especially when accepting American currency, and to be “cautious of customers making low dollar value purchases” with larger bills, Hoover warned.

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